Brockville Railway Tunnel - opened 1860

The entrance of the Brockville Railway Tunnel is partial open to the visiting public.

 Canada's First Railway Tunnel


The Brockville Railway Tunnel was built to serve the new Brockville & Ottawa Railway and was opened in 1860. It runs for four blocks under the city of Brockville from the waterfront at Water Street  north to Pearl St.  It was the first railway tunnel built in Canada.

In the visitor seasons, from spring to fall, the southern 100 feet of this unique underground engineering project is open to the public.  The last train passed through the tunnel in the 1970s.

It has been become an interesting and safe historic site for families to visit when they are exploring the historic area of downtown Brockville. Illustrated historic panels tell some of the story of this site.

Nearby is a restored caboose that previously was part of main line trains of the Canadian Pacific Railway which took over the operation of the Brockville Railway Tunnel in later decades.

The Brockville Caboose, located on the waterfront near the Brockville Railway Tunnel.