So, you're on your way to Castlegar. This city of around 7 000 people may not hold many obvious attractions, but if you happen to find yourself in the area then there is definitely enough to spend a day or two in town. Castlegar also serves as the perfect place to use as a home base while exploring the West Kootenay area. So, ready to get started? Let's start by introducing the city a bit.

-------------------The Areas----------------------------

  • Columbia Avenue: The main street, Columbia is the most likely place to find any restaurants, hotels, and other shops. Castlegar consists of many many plazas, almost all built along this one road.
  • Downtown: The name implies more than there is. Downtown Castlegar may have had it's heyday, but at the moment there isn't much here in the way of big-city style downtown attractions. What is downtown, however, is several great parks, and the new nightclub.
  • Sherbiko Hill and area: Sherbiko Hill plays host to the main Asian restaurants, the hospital, and at the top, yet more plazas
  • Woodland Park: While there are no attractions in the neighbourhood, Woodland Park's section of Columbia Avenue has grocery stores and small stores that can serve you. As well, Woodland Park's section of Columbia has some of the hotels in town.
  • Kinnarid: Kinnaird's section of Columbia is host to the main chain stores. Kinnaird has the community centre, and a large park.
  • South Castlegar: South Castlegar has one great attraction-the Cone Hill park. In the winter, many people enjoy sledding at this park, which is lit up at night.

Castlegar also has many many outskirts-people like to name every group of houses in this area. The total greater Castlegar Area has around 15 000, although the boundaries for this area are a little fuzzy, roughly they can be seen as the area that attends Castlegar Schools. These areas are:


  • Robson: Robson is located directly accross the river from downtown Castlegar. more Rural of a lifestyle is lived in Robson. There isn't much for the tourist, a pub and a gas station is about it, but several KM out is Syringa Creek Provincial Park, one of the most popular summer spots in Greater Castlegar
  • Ootischenia: Ootischenia is very rural, located to the east of town, it contains the airport, College, and a museum. It is a great place to look for Dukhoboor Architecture!
  • Tarrys/Thrums: Located toward Nelson, there are some small businesses located along the highway, but not many tourist attractions. There is an ATV tour place, however
  • Pass Creek: A rural area with no tourist attractions. The annual Fall Fair is, however, great if you're in town. It's not, however, actually in the main Pass Creek area
  • Many other areas also surround these ones