Galiano Island is a wonderful, small, rural community that is very safe and child-friendly .....

1. Lots of Friendly critters: Deer abound in the forests, orcas frequent Active Pass, lots of birds to spot

2. No-Unfriendly critters: Galiano has no bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, or anything that is harmful. That makes walks in the woods more worry-free.

3. Beaches, beaches, beaches....Galiano Island was named as one of the 10 Best Beaches in Canada...the only thing is: there are MANY of them! Pebble, sand, sandstone, shell....

4. Kunamokst Kunamokst Mural, at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, presents lots of enjoyment for children to find the bears and seals and wildlife hidden in its 231 individual pieces of art created by 190 different artists: buy a mural book and assemble it yourself (great for children) or view the interractive version at  Kunamokst Mural Mosaic Or visit the local Kunamokst Mural website to order your own book or limited edition print. Best of all, come to Galiano to view it in person.

5. Lions and Whales and Seals ohmy .... Galiano Island is the best place to get out on the water. Even inexperienced parents can feel confident on a kayak day tour with the great guides at Gulf Island Kayaking or get out on a can do it! Or go on an Eco Tour with Outdoor Vision or Salish Sea Charters. Look for Sea Lions, Seals, Orca whales, seabird colonies.

6. Fiesta...quirky island parade of locals dressed to impress, antique cars and fun floats, all good family fun every August long weekend. The parade culminates in the annual fiesta filled with games for children: gum boot toss, balloon breaking and more.

7. Play and Playgrounds: For family-friendly entertainment, there is a great bookstore: Galiano Island Books, in the Village. Not just a full children's book section, but also games and art supplies. There is playground equipment for the little ones at the Lions Park and the South Hall. For the older children, there is skateboard park, located next to the Lions Park.

8. Family-friendly food: world's best wood-fired pizza: on the waterfront at the Galiano Inn, near the ferry dock, fish and chips at Scoops in the Village, BIG cinnie buns at the Bakery in the Village, lunch at the Marina watching the boats come and go.

9. Kid-Friendly activities: Special activities are available in the busy August season at Montague Provincial Park's Nature Centre. Check out their website for current details during your visit. Also in August and at school's Activity Center, you can drop off your child (5 years and up) and then YOU can have a spa treatment in a waterfall cottage at Madrona del Mar Spa. The Saturday Market is small but quaint and family friendly with live music and food stalls.

10. BC Ferries: last but not least...Galiano is a place where getting here really IS half the fun: lots to keep the children busy aboard the vessel, and so-o-o-o-o much better than hours in a hot car: Galiano is only 50 minutes away!