If you’re visiting during the summertime the lake is warm enough for swimming, in fact from late spring through the early fall the waters, while deep, can be quite war. This makes Lake Garda one of the best attractions in the area. The pebbly beaches make for an inviting spot to grab some sun, and relax.

In the town of Sirmione there are opportunities to rent rowboats, a popular pastime in Northern Italy for centuries. Likewise, at many spots around the lake is windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing and ferry tours are also available. In the morning you have the thermal wind called the Peler blowing from the North. This winds stops around 10 am so watersporters wake up early to catch it. In the afternoon around 13 pm start the South wind called the Ora. This wind is more gentel around Malcesine and Limone and get's stronger toward the North cities Torbole and Riva.

In between the 2 winds the water is relative flat. Perfect for trying out Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) and explore the beauty of the lake in a peaceful way from the water. 

The scene on the lake can be described as tranquil when compared to other resort areas.

The scenic terrain is also ideal for biking, and several routes are available on the roads around the lake for you to take it in at a comfortable and leisurely pace. Additionally, you can turn things up a notch and head off-road, and the region of Lake Garda features some of the best mountain biking in Northern Italy. Bike rentals are available in many of the smaller towns and certainly in the resort areas. Traffic is generally light on the roads outside town, and while far from flat there are plenty of routes with only gradual climbing required. 

In the North of lake Garda the mountains are steepest and you find some extremer hiking routes. In Limone for example you find every year the World Final of Sky Running. The signs for the run a 26 k route with 3300 dislivel you see al year around. So you can also hike this route. 


A little away from the Lake more in the North you find the climbers city Arco. Here you can take lessons are climb by yourself.

If you want to do an activity not to physical: Try out paragliding. You take up the cable/ Funivia of the Monte Baldo, walk 5 minutes to the most north point and there you fly with one of the many instructors a beautiful peaceful flight down. If you want some more adreneline you book an acrobatic flight.   

Paraglide monte baldo