Cherry Hinton

Cherry Hinton lies about four miles South-East of the city centre of Cambridge. It lies within the Cambridge City boundary but is geographically separated from it by the grounds of Cherry Hinton Hall, the airfield and the flooded gravel pits. The village itself is fairly compact. North of the village is Cambridge airport; to the East is Fulbourn; to the South is a nature reserve formed from old chalk pits and then the Gog Magog Hills which rise to 75 metres, people mostly take their dogs for walks here but in the summer the fields and paths are excellent places to have picnics and take children who enjoy being outdoors.. Outside the residential area the land is open farmland, with relatively few trees.

Cherry Hinton High Street  sports a few take-away restaurants, the Tesco Express supermarket, two hairdressers and a few pubs. During the day, the high street is very busy. Fulbourn and Cherry Hinton are separated by a large Tesco store, with both villages claiming it lies within their village.