The Crocky Trail is the most ingenuous and best fun playground for the family. Just a couple of miles outside of Chester, it has developed over the past  years from a walk around a farmers field 'with swings for grown-ups', to an adventure trail with a huge number of giant playthings aimed at older children and adults with the inner child still intact. It's been running for more than ten years and it just gets better and better even though prices have increased a lot over that time. 

To get the best out of the day : dress in your old gear and expect to get muddy and wet: this is a place to visit that is best on rainy days - fewer people and more fun to be had! Take a flask and some high energy carbs to keep you going or buy from the kiosk on site. Go with all your mates and take something to change into that's clean and dry or take some seat covers for the car journey back.  

Getting it wrong looks like: visitors in city-wear, white or light colours and particularly those wearing heels or new runners are clearly first timers who hadn't been to the website-