During summer of 2012there is open air theatre at Grosvenor Park, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and a play for families.  It is on from early July into August.  Check www.chesterperforms.com for details.  Recommended if the previous two years are anything to go by.

 Telford’s Warehouse, a family-run bar and restaurant, doubles as an internationally renowned music and arts venue. The diverse assortment of performances range from tribal bands to alternative comedy.

And Alexander’s Jazz Theatre  is a leading venue for jazz, blues, and rock artists. It is also host to the annual Chester Jazz and Blues festival.

The Gateway Theatre has closed because the area around it is planned for a big  redevelopment which should include a performing arts complex.

Chester Music Theatre also has some great comedy and music shows throughout the year, check their website www.chestermusictheatre.com for upcoming events.