Exmoor National Park was designated the first International Dark Sky Reserve in Europe.

This means that it is the best place in the UK for stargazing taking into account the lack of light pollution and the lack of cloud cover. It is not the darkest place but there is a better chance of clear sky in this part of England meaning better opportunity to see the stars and the most stars. It also has a wide, uninterupted view of the skies with there being a lack of trees across the moor.

The most obvious spots are on the high points, near Dunkery Beacon being out of the way and approachable from Exford side but or pulling off the A39 road from Porlock to Lynmouth, away from the coast and light polloution from Wales. This is clear straight road and may be more comfortable if you are unfamiliar with the moors.

There are a number of places to pull off, mostly at the top of Porlock Hill area and the top of Countisbury Hill (above Lynmouth) have the most.

There is a safari company that does Dark Skies Safaris that will take you to see and point out the constellations, planets and on nights when they arrive, meteor showers.

There are sometimes special events during the summer on this topic. Look them up or contact the information bureau or National Park. 

But please, if you go onto the moor at night and pull off the road be alert for sheep sleeping (they like the warmth of the road, or ponies or red deer.

If anyone has any photos of the night sky on the moor that would suit this article and would post one or two here to illustrate it would be appreciated.