A brief list of great things to do on/around Exmoor:

1) A bus ride from Porlock to Lynmouth - especially the open top double decker (no 300)

2) Visit the information centre in Porlock - the most friendly and helpful people you'll meet

3) Visit Tarr Steps and walk the circular walk along the riverbank - its only 2 miles and is stunning

4) Go on a wildlife Safari - if you want to see Red Deer and learn a bit about Exmoor. The White Horse in Exford is a good starting point. There are also the Barle Valley Safari and the Discovery Safaris based in Porlock

5) Go on a guided walk - the National Park produces a free newsletter available from all information centres, most tea shops etc. called the Exmoor Visitor. It lists all the guided walks going on. Join a ranger or volunteer guide for an inside look at Exmoor

6) Eat at the Alcombe Tandoori - if you like indian food, this is one of the best!

7) Drink the Exmoor Ale - its great!

8) Buy a walks book and go for a stroll. The great thing about Exmoor is that every valley is different, every turn has a new view...!