If you are visiting Lynmouth in 2009 for more than a few days its worth knowing that

There are no Banks in Lynmouth and only two ATM's that charge you for withdrawals. The only Bank in Lynton is Lloyds which does have a nonchargeable ATM machine, available in their foyer (this appears to be open 24hrs).

Getting to Lynton, on the cliff top, involves a strenuous walk up a zig zag path and if your not fit, you may regret doing it. Alternatively you can use the cliff railway which cost £1 95p single and £2 85p return. A trip up by car may involve a car park fee. So have some cash available when you arrive.

Lynmouth is not the best place to use as a touring base, as you will need to keep going up and down some steep hills (especially Porlock Hill) other exits are not so steep but narrow. It is ideal for walkers who want to return to a quiet little location after the day trippers have gone.

Because of its cliff location at Lynmouth, getting a mobile phone signal is difficult. If you are desperate to communicate with the outside world if may not be the place for you. You might get a signal  past the putting green and on to the grass car park next to the shorelinebut it may be a little erratic. Lynton does have odd signal spots.

If you are staying in Lynmouth, car parking is a problem, as most hotels do not have car parks. The council allow you to park for free by the river between the hours of 6pm and 10am. You can only park for 2 hrs between 10am and 6pm for free but you must not return for 2 hrs. So potentially you can park from 4pm until 12noon. So if you are tripping out each day this may be enough time, failing that you can park your car in the official car parks for free between 6pm and 10am but between 10am and 6pm charges rise to a limit of £5 per day. The council do a 4 day ticket for £11 or a weekly ticket for £16. Tickets can be bought in Lynton Town Hall (the kiosk at the putting green may also sell them).