The National Marine Aquarium is Britain's biggest aquarium with Europe's deepest tank and is a self funded charity.

Many people will be happy with entrance fees as it is cheaper than any blue reef or sea life aquarium which charge several pounds more.

Yes, you can walk around the building in two hours if you choose but many tanks contain more than you think and you need to explore them all to see every little creature hiding amongst the rocks or weed. You can spend hour after hour looking in just one tank!

The top floor is dedicated to native marine life. Everything found here is found in local waters which many do not understand. The bottom floor hosts a wonderful and colourful array of amazing creatures from around the world. Every tank has a screen next to it identifying what is in there and some interesting facts about them.

There is a brand new jellyfish exhibit, the largest in Britain, and a replica WWII Walrus plane wreck which has recently been added to the largest shark tank.

When visiting an aquarium think about how much time and effort has gone into creating the displays rather than just looking at the fish and you will gain a new found respect for these places. Also remeber that when visiting a zoo they must provide animals with food and bedding, Aquariums must provide all this and more. The very gases that the fish breathe in fact! No wonder you pay more to see fish!

It can get very busy on rainy days. It seems everyone has the same idea to stay out of the rain. For a more personal visit you get a membership for the year and go back on a sunny day. The place is nearly empty so you can get a more in depth view of the tanks and better discussion with the wonderful staff. Better still eat your food in the maritime garden. It is one of the best views in Plymouth!