The weather in The Cotswolds region, as in all of England, is fairly mild all year long in spite of the country's northerly latitude.  This is due to the warm Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean which passes by England's west coast.  The climate there is similar to that of the United State's Pacific Northwest, with near-constant temperatures and a large amount of rainfall.  The average temperature in the Cotswolds in the winter months is in the high 30's, while in the summer the average is near 80.  The temperatures do not generally drop below freezing.  The Cotswolds gets most of its rain in the fall and winter months, with its driest season being between April and July. 

Visitors come to The Cotswolds region all year long, but most tend to come during the spring and fall months when the weather is best.  For a daily report of The Cotswolds' weather click here.