Taxis and rental cars are both good ways of getting around while visiting Cheltenham.  However, rental cars or other forms of transportation are recommended if traveling outside of the city limits.

            Getting a rental car while on holiday in Cheltenham is the most convenient form of transportation, as it allows the most freedom and flexibility.  The area has various forms of public transportation that service the city and the major destinations surrounding it, but these all have limitations.  For location and contact information for many of the companies in the area, check out this Rental Car Agency List.

            Taxis are a good way of getting around the city, but if planning on traveling to areas outside of the city, consider another option (see the Trip Advisor Getting Around page) as the fares will get rather high.   Fares are based on meters, which are government regulated and standard for all companies.   The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the agencies ahead of time to arrange for a ride.   Hotels and restaurants will be happy to call for their customers.   There are taxis waiting outside of certain public areas, but otherwise it is hard to hail a cab in the street.   For a list of companies located in or around the city, check out this Taxi Company List .