There are two ideal ways to get around Stow-on-the-Wold: by foot and by car.

Most people arrive in Stow from London and usually in their own or a rented car. This is probably the best way to arrive, and depending on your needs, the best way to get around. With a car, you can easily hop over to other villages and back, without much trouble.

If you’re staying for a time in Stow (and most visitors, particularly in the summer, are visiting only for the day), you will want to park your car and do a bit of walking. During the summer, midweek is the best time for this as many visitors to Stow are here for weekends, either for the day or the whole weekend. Wait until midweek, and you can enjoy walking without much traffic or competition on your path.

This is the best way take in the utter charm of this little hamlet. The tourist office can help with a walking map of the area, and there are many walking trails to choose from. If you’re a good walker, you can even walk from one village to another.