Weather is a big topic in England and it's a well known fact that the country doesn't have the world's best climate. But, due to its ideal location on the sea and protected from the worst drafts the pass north of the city, Portsmouth has a significantly better climate than the rest of its homeland. It sees more sunshine and warmer weather.

Late spring through early fall is the tourist high season in Portsmouth with a pick-up around Christmas. As soon as the warm weather hits, Londoners make it a weekend holiday destination as do other tourists discovering England. Summer temperatures are not warm, on average at just under 70 degrees.

Winter in Portsmouth has averages around just above 50 degrees and therefore the climate can really be defined as temperate. There is not a big change throughout the year.

A great time to visit Portsmouth is during Heritage Days which kicks of in June and runs through September. These days provide visitors a chance to get behind the scenes in historical places of the city with educational background. Visit the city's tourist board event calendar for more information.