Keswick focuses round the Market Square and Moot Hall.  But if you go down the side streets you will see that it is full of quirky little shops selling things you never knew you called 'Enchanted Gifts', situated in Museum Square, near the puzzle place thing.  It is a wonderful shop stuffed full of amusing signs, gifts, things for kids...nick nacks...the lot.

Winding your way down Main Street towards the Market Square and the famous Moot Hall you will be greeted with delightful little cafes and a host of outdoor shops.

Continue past the Moot Hall in either direction and there are many more shops to see; to the right towards the lake there are some great clothes shops. Straight on past Greggs there are more shops including White Stuff and more locally oriented ones as well that are well worth a visit.

Why not visit yourself and expore the whole town - it's bigger than you think and there are lots of suprisingly charming and quirky shops which were all very welcoming.... pop in and see.