For a relatively small location, Penrith has a number of different neighborhoods.  The most notable of these are:

  • Carleton – Every growing area has its suburb which as basically blended in with the two and Carleton is Penrith’s.
  • Castletown – The architecture ( ) in this section of town is primarily residential architecture which was constructed in the early twentieth century as homes for the travelers working on the railroad.  As such, the railroad runs just to the east of this neighborhood.
  • Downtown – The famous Clock Tower marks the center of town, around which are shops and restaurants for travelers to enjoy.
  • New Streets – Travelers who have spent any time in the city of San Francisco will find some familiarity far from there in this neighborhood because of the steep hilly streets for which it is known.  Visitors should head to the top of this neighborhood for a great view of the city.
  • Scaws – This is a residential neighborhood which was constructed in the middle of the twentieth century.  It would be less than notable except for the fact that a well-known murder occurred there at Scaws Farm.
  • Townhead – This neighborhood is located in the northern part of the town, along the A6 highway which some travelers use for getting in to the city ( ).