Blackpool is a fabulous family holiday destination and armed with a bit of common sense and planning, your visit to the town should be problem free. Blackpool has suffered a bad reputation for personal safety issues and indeed it certainly pays to be careful of petty crime in high season and assorted scammers such as fake auctions. It also pays to keep one wits about you on a night out in the town centre  - as with any large town or city.

Stay in one of the hotels along the New South Promenade (furthest South) or North Shore. These areas are safe and clean. There is also an easy bus or tram  journey away from the main tourist areas.

As with any holiday resort, much of the trouble centres around the central promenade and town centre in the late weekend evenings in high season especially when stag and hen parties are in full swing. Just do the sensible thing - USE YOUR COMMON SENSE! - do not expose valuables, do not get so drunk that you are out of control and vulnerable, do not walk anywhere on your own at night especially around the train station, central bar areas or promenade.

Use taxis on a night out as they are more reliable and the fantastic, street wise, drivers will make sure you get to your destination in one piece. If you are going late night clubbing - book a cab in advance as it's really hard to get one from 11.00pm - 2.30pm anywhere in Blackpool. Most people get themselves into an uncomfortable situation by wandering around the town centre in the early hours trying to get transport home or to the hotel. Do not do it!

Police presence in Blackpool is highly visible. Car and horse mounted patrols are frequent along the promenade, within the parks and all major attractions and facilities have a level of security, be it in the form of Community Police Officers (PCSO's), security guards or security cameras. In the town centre at night, most bars and all clubs have door staff to keep the riff-raff out and to stomp on any unruly behaviour! There are police stations and public phones all over the town. The locals are a hardy and very friendly lot and believe me - if you are in trouble or need assistance someone will assist you.