Getting around Blackpool might be easiest in a cab, though rental cars are available.

Pre booking a taxi is very easy, instead of waiting outside in the freezing cold at 2am trying to get a cab which can be quite difficult.

Also Days Out to Cleveleys Markets on Tues and Thurs, Fleetwood Freeport and Blackpool Zoo and Stanley Park all have fixed prices with all Taxi Firms.

(Be careful, Sometimes if you jump in a cab on a rank or hail one down they are more likely to charge you more than if you were to order one from a private hire company)

Also once you have a driver, if you like him/her you can ask them to your return journey. They will happily wait for you outside Club, Opera House, Mystique to take you to the hotel. Good to know you have a cab waiting for you at the end of the night....

If you are lost or cannot find your hotel, phone a cab company! They will know where you are if you explain what is round you and they have every hotel on database they will help you find your hotel!