There is an incredible alternative shopping journey to be found on Renshaw Street which can be found in the the old part of Liverpool 1 just turn directly left out of Lime Street Station and keep walking.  The first port of call is 61 Renshaw Street which is better known as the Olive Tree. The staff are always friendly and courteous and customers are always encouraged to browse with no obligation.  This is known as a spiritual resource centre and there is such a diversity of books, Tibetan singing bowls, incense of all denominations and a wide choice of essential oils. If the shop doesn't stock it then they will do their best to source it. Now that's the kind of personal shopping to like.

Moving next door there is a tasty Chinese bakery called Sweetheart Bakery where your taste buds can come alive with the yummy  coconut bread. The large cakes are fitting for any birthday.

69a is a curiosity shop that can certainly supply any eccentric Liverpudlian. Going in there is like stepping back in time and a delight for those who enjoy the artefacts of years gone by. Definitely a place to find that little something you can't find anywhere else, like Toby Jugs!

For another piece of local history, on the corner of Renshaw Street and Newington stands Liverpool's oldest tattoo studio, established in 1993

If you do decide to take an alternative trip down this street you will not be disappointed. Food wise there is 81 Renshaw Street and Maguires. The pizza is cooked for you whilst you wait.  Talk about fresh!!!