Located nearby to Stonehenge is little known 'Woodhenge', estimated to be from around the same period as Stonehenge itself - perhaps part of a larger complex of circles, or 'Henges'.

Like Stonehenge, it is also looked after English Heritage on behalf of the English people. Entrance is free (at the moment) and is rarely busy.

Amazingly, the Propriotor/Driver was knighted at Stonehenge on the Equinox of 2010 by a Pagan King & Swordbearer (Arthur Pendragon no less - he had the pictures!) and he gave a real insight into the modern Druid and Pagan world around Stonehenge, Amesbury and Woodhenge. As it's name suggests Woodhenge was wooden, and the Henge itself is marked by concrete post giving the outline. It is never busy here and if you wanted a more 'personal' feel this type of tour is an option. The visit also included Windsor & the parade, Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta. It cost about £75 each for the four, for the whole day. (Leaving the hotel in Victoria at 9.30 and didn't get back until about 6 or 7!)

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