The London Bridge Experience is essentially in two parts - The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs.

The London Bridge Experience is the story of the London Bridge, it's construction and various demolitions and destructions throughout history. It's presented by a cast of characters ranging from Roman Britons to Vikings to Victorian gentlemen and the tour takes about thirty minutes or so.

The London Tombs is a bit harder to describe but essentially it's a hair-raising journey through the former plague pits. You are sent into the tomb in a group of around 12, with one person leading and the others following in a chain with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front. The lights go out (well there is a very limited amount of lighting) and you'll find yourself walking through a selection of rooms into all sorts of nasties from headless bodies, monsters and zombies. Anyone with a heart condition, claustrophobia, breathing difficulties etc will be advised not to go into the tombs.

Although both the The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs are good fun and well worth visiting, The London Tombs is the more memorable of the two.