Travelers heading to Norwich should remember to pack their rain gear, as it rains all throughout the year in the area.  The actual rainy season begins in November each year and that month, along with the subsequent two months, sees seventeen days of rain.  The driest period of the year in Norwich is actually the spring, which is unusual in comparison with many travel destinations.  Even though this is the dry period, all of the months of spring see an average of thirteen days of rain.  This means that it basically rains close to half of the month all year long.

Despite how wet the area is, travelers should not be deterred from making Norwich a vacation spot.  Most travelers will want to head to the area at the end of the spring, when the rain is at its slowest and the hours of sunlight at their longest.  May, June and July each average six hours of sunlight per day, making these months the sunniest months of the year in Norwich.

 In terms of activities going on in the area, autumn is the time to visit.  September and October are both filled with festivals; late October is the most active time in the area.  More information about annual events in Norwich can be located at .