By Plane
Many travelers reach Norwich via airplane.  The airport serving the area is the Norwich International Airport. The airport is located North of Norwich, just off of highway A140.

Upon Arrival 
Upon getting to the airport, many travelers opt to rent cars. More information about rental cars is available at
Taxis are another option for travelers arriving at the airport. Taxi information can be found at  
Bus service also runs directly to and from the airport and information can be found here

By Car
Travelers coming to Norwich by car may arrive in the area via one of three main highways. Travelers coming from the direction of London will arrive by taking the A11 highway. Travelers arriving via Ipswich will take the A140 highway. Travelers arriving via Peterborough will get to the area using the A47 highway.

By Train
Many travelers take the train to get to the area especially as the journey time is only 2 hours from London. This is particularly true of college age students who are making Norwich one stop on a tour of the area. Norwich railway station is located close to the main city centre.