It doesn’t matter whether you are a first time visitor, a returning visitor or an inhabitant of this fabulous city, these are things that simply should be seen and experienced.

The Nottingham Castle must be one of the biggest attractions in Nottingham. Simply the Charm of the garden in it self, which is to be found right outside the Castle, is worth a visit. Further information at:

Wollaton Hall & Park  Wollaton is The Jewel in the Crown of Nottingham Parks and combines a splendid Tudor Hall with a very extensive 500 acre deer park, lake, formal gardens, industrial museum and natural history museum.  It is one of the finest houses of the period in all of England.  It was designed by Robert Smythson and was built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby who made has fortune out of Coal Mining.  With access to the park and most areas of the house being FREE and with a car park charge of just £2.00.,  Wollaton park is the No.1 Nottingham Park for a family day out.

The City of Caves (Tigguo Cobauc) is a bunch of fun, for people of any ages. The Entrance to the Caves is to be found in the local shopping centre. Inside the caves awaits you a fairly short journey if you’re measuring by feet the history you travel though however is full of interesting variety going from the 15th century into the 19th! Further information at:   

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem  is said to be one of the oldest bars in England. Seated inside a Cave with the facade of an extremely old house it certainly has a memorable atmosphere. Further information at:

Red Hot Red Hot is an all you can eat restaurant with qualities of a high class restaurant and yet a bill which makes it famous amongst the students in the vicinity of Nottingham. Further information at:

Pit and Pendlum is a Gothic bar which is to be recommended. (also to be recommended for non gothics!) Further information at:

The Cookie Club  is a night club which plays any variety of Rock music. Further information at:

If you like the water why not try Scuba Diving at Dive in the Blue, a PADI diving company, which is based in Nottingham! They do Discover Scuba Dives (DSD), which are 3 hour tasters in a variety of local pools! They also do other diving courses if interested please get in contact with them.  

Head to Hockley, in the eastern part of the city centre, this is the Bohemian Quarter, and is the most fashionable part of the city, home to Nottingham's "it-crowd". There are plenty of friendly eateries here and the best bars and restaurants. For families, try the Red Hot Buffet Shack, like mentioned above, you can't go wrong there. Hockley and the adjacent Lace Market form the "gay village" with the big NG1 club and bars such as Propaganda, Queen of Clubs, the Lord Roberts, G Spot and Unique. For a "history" of Nottingham's gay scene go to  The Galleries of Justice is also worth a look for first timers, located in the neighbouring Lace Market district of the city centre, on Weekday Cross.