A small harbour-side town with an interesting history as a thriving port at one time. The harbour is now a marina with a bronze statue of the Ancient Mariner. It was one of the places frequented by the poet Coleridge and his friends and thought to be an inspiration for the poem. There are two museums, Watchet Museum is by the harbour and has a variety of artefacts, particularly relating to the towns history of seafaring. In the same building is the old lock-up where you can peer through the bars and see someone languishing there. The Boat Museum  is in an old railway shed by the station.

The station has great charm with the flowers on the banks behind maintained by volunteers and the steam trains stop here.

Watchet was the terminal of the Mineral Line where the ore was then loaded onto boats. For those who like to walk there is a level path between Watchet & nearby Washford, now following the line of the West Somerset Railway. And for those with more stamina they can explore the site of the Mineral Railway further up the hills.


The Abbey is to found by a turning in Washford. It is in a beautiful rural setting and very peaceful. There is a large car park opposite and amenities within the Abbey grounds.

A little further on is a pub where you can get a meal or sit by the river with refreshments.

A mile or so along this road is Torre Cider Farm  where there is a tea rooms providing lunches and home-made cakes and shop selling cider, fruit wines and specialist foods, some craft shops are on site and farm animals in pens in the grounds. Also a small play area for children.

This road is narrow and winds between hedgerows and fields.