Bath has loads of restaurants, but beware, as a tourist town there are two main things you need to be aware of. Firstly, many good restaurants get booked up at weekends, so if there's somewhere you know you want to go to it's always best to book a table. Secondly, although there are some great places to eat, there are also many places catering for the tourists which can mean high prices, but not necessarily great food. There are several discussions on the forum about restaurants in Bath which are worth taking a look at.

The following are some highly recommended restaurants in Bath. 

OneFishTwoFish   Unfortunately this restaurant is now closed!

 This restaurant is located at 10 North Parade. It is a cellar restaurant, cosy and inviting. There is a small bar area, and the restaurant is split into three sections. There is ambient lighting, crisp white table clothes and beautiful, strategically placed photographs all of which contribute to the intimate ambience. These are some of the things that make onefish the perfect place for all types of occasions. The other, main thing is of course the superb food! The food is perfectly prepared by chef/proprietor Paul Greenhead. The mainly fish menu is expertly cooked and beautifully presented. There are alway daily specials, which often include such delights as King Fish, Mahi Mahi and Baracuda. 

Wonderful starters include sushi ( which is also available to take away) and escargot in garlic and roquefort butter, served with fresh hot bread. For non fish eaters there are always at least four meat dishes and vegetarian options. The steak and half a lobster is a wonderful, up market version of the traditional surf 'n' turf. All main courses come with a selection of vegetables - no expenisve side orders here.

Service is friendly and professional. Front of house is the domain of Katherine Greenhead, charming, witty and knowledgeable, she makes all guests feel at home, and nothing is too much trouble. The bar is well stocked, and the wine list well priced and well selected to suit  the most discerning.

For the quality of the food and wine, the prices are extremely fair, which puts onefish in reach of everyone who fancies a good night out. It is little wonder then that people return time after time, and that some TA members visiting Bath have gone back every night.

OneFishTwoFish is not open for lunch, but is open from 6pm every evening for dinner.

01225 330236   


Located in Rivers Street, the restaurant in this laid back, pub is great. The Sunday lunches rock and are very good value. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. They are open luchtimes and evenings.

01225 360017

The Firehouse Rotisserie  

Located at 2 John street, the firehouse has been a favourite on the Bath dining scene for many years now. Consistently good, with generally good service from helpfull staff.

Their web page has all the info you need about opening hours and has a copy of their menu. A favourite is the half a rotisserie chicken with herbs and lemon and dijon tarragon aioli, with a side order of jalepeno coleslaw. There is usually a special for each course. It is reasonably priced with a decent selection of wine. Not somewhere to go for a romantic evening out, but great if you don't fancy cooking or have children in the early evening. They have a small but good kids' menu, with not a nugget in sight.

01225 482070

Thai Balcony

Formerly known as Clos du Roy, this restaurant is still a favorite among locals.  The delicious Thai cuisine includes a vegetarian menu and the desserts are a must have.  The staff dress in traditional Thai costumes. 1 Seven Dials, Sawclose, Bath   01-225-444-450.

Chandos Deli

A very good up-market takeaway, they have lunch food as well as a small cafe at the back. This location is the former home Collingbourne Ducis  at 12 George St, Bath 01225 314418.