Sports fans- there's no soccer team in Guildford but there is a well-established and popular ice hockey team, the Guildford Flames, playing out of Guildford Spectrum leisure centre. Tickets are about £10 for a match, which are usually either Saturday or Sunday evenings at around 18:00. Guildford is also host to one of the hottest baskeball teams in the UK - Guildford Heat - who also play out of Guildford Spectrum.

Friday and Saturday nights in town are a crush of hectic student drinking- don't expect to find a quiet pub anywhere near the centre. The busiest part of town is the area around Bridge St dominated by the nightclub Harpers, Mambos, Voodoo Lounge.  Flares (a themed 70s bar), Wetherspoons and Bar Med are also located down here. The only other nightclub in town is Dusk (previously Time/Cinderella's/CR's) but there are more and more bars open late around town so it depends what you fancy. Some of these bars end up with very long queues at the weekend!  Generally you'll find that the further up the town you go, or if you divert off from North St/the High St a bit, that it's less 'studenty' (although, of course, there are exceptions).

Live music can usually be found Friday nights at the Star pub just by the corner of Quarry St and the High St. There is also live music around town on other nights at venues including The Boileroom and Platform 9, for example.  Several pubs host Open Mic and acoustic nights throughout the week.  For live shows and concerts check out the new replacement for the Civic Centre called G-Live.  London is only 45 minutes away by train.  Be sure to check the time of the last train back and plan your journey so that you don't get stranded in London!

There's a more civilised over 25s bar at the top of Harvey Rd called Rogues, where non-students might be more comfortable. Head up the High St right to the top where it splits into two by the Civic and take the right fork for about 5 minutes. If you fancy food then head to this area of the Upper High St or Chapel St where there are several restaurants.  Many of the pubs around town also serve food during the day.

If you can leave the town centre, the Wooden Bridge is a very warm and large pub with a car park, food and several pool tables. If you have a car then there are more exciting places to explore including the villages and their pubs around Guildford.

 If you want to do something other than drink, you're in luck!  Guildford has a large cinema. two theatres (The Electric Theatre and the Yvonne Arnaud), Guildford House Gallery, Guildford Museum, Guildford Castle (with landscaped grounds, tucked away just behind the High St) and a 16th Century Guildhall, all on or near the terraced and cobbled High St (sorry - setted High St).  The town is surrounded by the Surrey Hills - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and the River Wey and Navigation cut through the bottom of town.  The town also has it's own Cathedral which you may recognise from the original version of the film The Omen.

Guildford also has several regular festivals.  In the summer there is GuilFest and the Guildford Summer Festival.  The Guildford Book Festival runs in October and there are also two other music festivals in the Spring in alternate years.