Warwick Racecourse celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2007; making it one of the oldest in the country.

 On the edge of the town centre, the small friendly course is owned by the Jockey Club, and occupies most of the town's historic common- the St Mary's Lands and Lammas Field.

The common is open for walking on, with numerous footpaths, playing fields and a public 9 hole golf course.

Race meetings take place about 25 days a year, with winter events being over jumps. T

he Easter, New Year and Bank Holidays attract large crowds, but mid week meets are friendly affairs where millionaire jockeys & horse owners, rub shoulders with pork pie hatted bookies, and the public who range form the county set to those of very humble means, all watching the gee gees!

Great for people watching.

 And where else in Warwick can you have a day out and if you are lucky come back with more cash than you went out with?