While rugby is England's homegrown sport with a history that hails back to its early days of football, Warwick is the proud hometown of the Warwick Hockey Club and has been since 1897. After the Great War, a ladies' team evolved and both have been in competition since, with the mens' league winning its share of championships.

Ever seen competitors wear helmets and shoulder pads at a racing club? Make that the Warwick Racing Club Football Club (what?). Formed in 1919 under the name they should  have kept - the Saltisford Rovers - the RCFS has won numerous honors and set numerous records since their inception.

Several sports facilities make their homes around St. Nicholas Park in the center of Warwick, including the Pitch and Leisure Center, where games and events are held in all weather. Make your bets at the Warwick Race Course on Hampton Street. By the way, jousting is a fun event that takes place there in conjunction with mediaeval Warwick celebrations and festivals- mainly at the Castle during summer school holidays. Or, settle down to watch a game of rugby at the Warwick Rugby Club, also on Hampton Street. The Warwick Boat Club is another opportunity for some leisurely activity on a summer day, and you're sure to find opportunities to catch a game of cricket or badminton, both of which have their origins in mediaeval and later Great Britain. 


The Saltisford Canal Centre on the edge of the town centre has a boat "Saltie 2" available for hire for self steer form April to October. The boat is also suitable for those of all disabilities as it has a hydraulic lift allowing wheelchairs or pushchairs to be carried. Up to 12 can be carried, and most choose to make a day of it cruising down through Warwick to Leamington Spa and back.