The area of modern day West Yorkshire is, as the name likely suggests, west of the city of York, and is the western most metropolitan country that makes up the old traditional county of Yorkshire. As expected it borders North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, as well as the counties of Derbyshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

This county is home to several medium to large sized English cities including Leeds, Bradford and Doncaster. Today in fact, Leeds is the UK’s second commercial center after London, and is home to the Royal Armouries.

The region, located in central England, is home to numerous museums, and features other fascinating sites including several Medieval Castles. Nearby are the large cities of Manchester to the west, and York to the east. Since the Middle Ages this has been a semi-industrial part of England, but is also known for its country estates and rolling countryside. The region features architecture that runs the gamut of English style, with large Elizabethan mansions, Victorian estates and even ruins that date to the time of the Roman Empire.

West Yorkshire is home to large cities, small towns and plenty of open space outside of the towns. Far from London, but not quite “Northern,” West Yorkshire is unique and fully its own.