In 1882, a horse-drawn tram system was established in Bradford, England, though its power source has since progressed to electricity. Until 1972, the city operated a trolleybus (the first and last in Great Britain). First Group is the name for the British transport organization of coach, bus, and rail services that serve Bradford and all of England. When tracking down bus services in Bradford, look for First Bradford.

Bradford's first railway system opened in 1846, and many since then have come and gone. Today, the Bradford Exchange/Interchange Station, which is a combination of bus and train services, serves the city, and another station is located at Forster Square, ten minutes away and run by Northern Rail. Because of the city's altitude, the Bradford Exchange station was built as a terminus, meaning that, rather than passing through the city of Bradford, the train reverses direction.

Folks have had access to Bradford since the city was connected to the Yorkshire Turnpike in 1734. Today, access to the busy city has increased and easy access can be had by any number of major roads. Taxis may be hired from Bradford International Airport as well as within the city itself.