With a vampire-like widow's peak and a closed-mouth smile, Bradford, England, newspaper writer and fiction author David Barnett may have something to hide... Probably not, but its a good intro to the Recommended Reading section of the Inside Pages, for Mr. Barnett is one of Bradford's own and, when not writing for the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, he is busy creating modern-day stories of the supernatural.  Hinterland is one of those stories, about a journalist who finds himself in a "nightmarish world." Check it out.

Jools Denby is another writer who hails from Bradford (should it rather be called Bard-ford?). Her most recent work is Borrowed Light and is about a family from Bradford who moves to Cornwall. She is the author of a previous tome entitled Billy Morgan, which has Bradford as its setting.

OK, enough escapism. Now it's time to pick up Mountain Bike Guide - West Yorkshire by Nick Dutton-Taylor and get ready to pedal your way around Bradford and West Yorkshire. Or, if you prefer, "skim" through 

Waterways: A Day-Drive Guide to the rivers and canals of South and West Yorkshire. The book is by Christine Richardson. The Bradford Canal, built in 1774, is defunct, but on the minds of many who would like to see it rebuilt. Until then, this book will satisfy the interest of those who would like to learn about it and others that contributed so much to the early days of the Industrial Revolution.