Grattan (formerly Odsal) Stadium in Bradford, England, has been the proud home of the professional rugby sports league Bradford Bulls since 1934. Bradford is especially proud of their longstanding rugby team for being the current (2006) World Club Champions. Interestingly, the stadium held the world record for accommodating the largest-ever crowd in a 1953-54 replay game between the Warrington Wolves (Cheshire) and Halifax (or the Fax) of Yorkshire. The number in attendance was 102,569. Now, that's a lot of rugby fans! Grattan Stadium also hosts several sports, including stockcar racing, basketball, wrestling, competitive horseback-riding, and the curious South Asian teamsport of Kabaddi, in which breath-holding is part of the play.

Bradford is also home to the Bradford City Association Football Club (better known as  the Claret and Amber), based at Bradford & Bingley Stadium. They won the FA cup in 1911 beating Newcastle 1-0 after a replay. Sadly, in 1985, the stadium was the site of a fire that took the lives of 56 spectators. The Richard Dunn Sports Centre is just across from Grattan Stadium, and is named after one of Bradford's own, former boxer Richard Dunn, who unsuccessfully challenged World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali in 1976.