There are both bus and train options which cover all of the Leeds neighborhoods and visitors will experience primarily a convenient, comfortable and inexpensive journey.  More details are available at .

Travelers interested in options other than public transportation in Leeds will find that a combination of walking, biking and driving may be the best method of getting around.   Driving is a good option in the fringe areas of Leeds or for travel from Leeds to other locations but visitors will often find that high levels of traffic and crowded parking locations make driving difficult within much of the area.  

Visitors located near the city center may find that walking is the best choice for getting to nearby destinations and bicycling is best for getting a bit further away. You can get Leeds walking directions and maps at There are footpaths located throughout Leeds which can be used by anyone who is walking and there are additional bridleways which can be used by anyone who is walking, bicycling or traveling on horse.   Information about who has the right of way on different paths is available at =.