Thruscross Reservoir and the Drowned Village of West End

In the late 1950's post-war boom Leeds needed more water and so plans were laid to extend the existing network of Reservoirs up the Washburn Valley.

Heading north from Leeds there already exists Lindley, Swinsty and Fewston.

These were fed by the River Washburn which itself joined Capelshaw Beck at the sheltered valley-bottom village of West End.  This sealed its fate.

Work commenced in about 1961 and Thruscross Dam was completed in 1966.

An urban myth states that on stormy nights up there you can hear West End Church bell chiming beneath the waves.  In fact the church was demolished.

 Walk Blubberhouses > cross A59 > walk up Washburn to Dam head.  Take path up left side of Dam and at car park commence the walk round the water.  In times of drought two bridges appear as well as walls and foundations of West End buildings.

[work in progress]