The best time of year to visit Salisbury is probably in the summer time. Though you can get good weather in the spring, it will often still be pretty chilly up in Salisbury, and if you want to be guaranteed to have the best possible weather you should plan a trip around June, July, or August. June might be the best time to go because the temperatures will be consistent and pleasant, whereas in July and August it will be quite hotter, and there is no telling how high the temperature will rise. You can visit the town in the fall or winter, but the weather will be quite unpleasant and very unpredictable. Temperatures can dip quite low during this time of year, and rain and snow storms can be quite frequent. If you visit in the summer time, you also will get a chance to see some of the festivals that take place in the town. In addition to that, because of more tourism there is more going on in the town, and there is more to do at night as well. Pubs will be busier and you could find that you will have a better time with this type of atmosphere.