Salisbury is a good place to go if you like the performing arts. There are several places to go to see theater, opera, and classical arts. City Hall Entertainment Center is a place where you can see concerts quite often. There are either famous acts that come through or just local bands who play for fun. You can always check the listings for the events, but when there is a larger group coming through it will be harder to get tickets. The Salisbury Arts Center is another good place to go for performing arts. There are many types of shows that are performed here, from music, to dance, to theater. There are a lot of plays throughout the year that come into the Salisbury Arts Center, so you need to check the listing to make sure what is going to be playing when.

Salisbury International Arts Festival is a lively & varied event that takes place in the city starting in the second half of May. Artists from all over the world come to show their talent at the festival. The festival offers a great mix of free events, walks, concerts, theatre, film, art, literature. The 2012 festival will take place form 25 May to 9 June. This variety of daytime & evening events makes Salisbury a good destination for the festival in its own right; and if you are planning to come to several events join as a friend to get advance booking, discounts and a few special friends' events.

Salisbury Playhouse is an excellent regional theatre. It mainly offers plays, in a large and a small auditorium, with a few other types of events (e.g. film, dance, or authors discussing their work) held there from time to time.