If you are planning on getting around Wales by train and/or bus, consider getting the Explore Wales Pass.  There are three versions - Explore Wales, North/Mid Wales and South Wales.  They can be purchased at any UK Rail Travel Center.  Each pass is valid for 8 days, with 8 days free bus service and any 4 days of train service.  Most Welsh bus companies accept the pass, but double check the website to confirm which companies are participating.  


In addition to free bus and train travel, there are a number of great discounts, such as 50% off the Ffestiniog Rail, two for one tickets at Caernarfon Castle, etc.

If you are travelling with someone else and are residents of the UK over the age of 16, consider getting the UK Rail Two Together Railcard for £30, which then gives you a discount of up £50 for two Explore Passes.  The two refers to any two people who will be travelling together for the duration of the pass.  The cheapest and easiest way to get the Railcard is online.  It costs a little bit more to get it in person, but still, the savings outweigh the costs.  An added benefit is you can use the Railcard for a whole year throughout the UK rail system with the same other person since both photos are printed on the card, with some limitations.  If you are travelling individually but qualify under other situations such as age, you should consider the ability to save by getting a railcard.  All information is contained on the National Rail website


For bus travel, show the Explorer Pass.  In some cases, drivers may not be aware of the benefits of the pass, so be prepared to explain that it is an eight day pass for buses.  The start date and expiration date are printed on the pass.  Some drivers will print out a ticket showing "free" cost; others will wave you onboard.

Some of the participating businesses require seeing the pass; some will make a copy.  Others will require the coupons from the coupon book in addition to seeing the pass.  Be prepared to show the card in either case.