Visitors to the village of Betws-y-coed and the entire Snowdonia National Park have various opportunities to participate in a number of sports and activities. 

            The main reason that most people visit Betws-y-coed is because of its access to the Snowdonia National Park, which covers over 840 square miles of land in northern Wales.  The park is filled with natural wonders including snowcapped mountains, dense forest lands, rivers and lakes that have plenty of fish, and miles of hiking and biking trails. 

            Snowdonia National Park has miles of hiking trails that suit any sort of endurance or strength levels. However, before heading into the wild, make sure to visit this Backcountry Safety  information page for some useful tips about staying safe in the wilderness.  The Information Center located in the town center has lots of route information, as well as topographical maps.  For further information, check out this Hiking in Snowdonia National Park page, this Upland Hiking page, and this Leisure Walks around Snowdonia National Park page. 

            Mountain biking is a popular pastime for thousands of visitors to the national park every year.  With hundreds of miles of trails to explore, it could take months to see everything.  For information about trails, staying safe, the code of conduct and more, check out this Cycling in Snowdonia National Park page. 

            For more information about active things to do in Snowdonia National Park , check out this Recreation link.