Pembrokeshire is home to ecopioneers. You can stay at places run on renewables, dive deep into wildlife, savour local food markets, learn traditional skills - or you could go on an EcoTour: this is a countryside walk round some amazing and diverse homes where everyone is invited in to hear about the lifestyle and technologies. You also get cakes, tea, coffee and warm if it's a cold day.

It is useful to see how well or not the wind turbines, water turbine, solar electricity work. What the ground source heat pump really costs to run, how many hot baths you get through the year from the sun, and meet new wood ranges that run all the radiators and cook on an armful of wood.

There is the passiv haus office which doesn't need any heating at all, and the off-grid community which uses tiny amounts of electricity, and the astonishing low impact round houses famed through the world for their 10 year battle for permission. What happened? A new planning policy was born, so far only in Pembrokeshire, pioneer country. The tour meets the full spectrum of costs from under a grand for a home to 200 grand for an extension!

The other thing you meet is a community with a sense of direction, shared direction which is fun, nearly every trip things have moved on a bit. See history in the making!