This marvellous Museum is so often overlooked that even many a local hasn't been there. Situated on the first and second floors of the Library Building in the centre of town, the Museum contains a wide selection of artefacts from local Geology and Fossils, to modern day wildlife. In between there are Roman mosaics, jewellery, spearheads, and Roman household items. There is a comprehensive history of Newport's Golden Years as a bustling port, with grand and intricate models of ships from years gone by. There is an exhibition about the Newport Ship, found in the River Usk and still being lovingly renovated and preserved: Newport's very own Mary Rose. The History of the Chartists is well represented, as is local history and past living conditions.

On the third floor is the Art Gallery, with exhibitions from both local and global artists, often updated and changing throughout the year. There are some particularly good examples of fine art and fine china too, inclduing Victoriana and Clarice Cliff. 

 Children are welcome and encouraged. Toilets and vending machine refreshments are available. Access is good, with lifts to all flooors. This is truly an overlooked hidden gem. Entry is free.