Belvoir Park Forest is unique in the UK and Ireland in that it is a commercial forest within the boundaries of a city. It lies in the Lagan Valley along the edge of the Lagan River and links onto the Lagan Towpath, a highly used walkway for many. This forest has a wide variety of birds and wildlife including the last remaining population of red squirrels. Pressurised by the grey squirrels the indiginous reds are under threat, but due to supplementary feeding and some control measures they have managed to remain in this area to the present time.

The forest is managed by the Forest Service and has a rich history, including a Norman motte from the 12th century, a 17th Century crypt, and an Ice house, part of the Estate House that stood where the car park is now. The Arboretum is also a legacy of the aristocracy and land owners that once lived in and managed the estate, and there are many fine examples of exotic trees to be discovered inthe area close to the main car park.

 A well worthwhile place to visit, and linking to the Lagan Towpath allows the visitor to expand their experience to other parts of the Lagan Valley.