St Columba's Church Long Tower

Although there has been a house of religion on the spot of Long Tower since the year 546, there was a time from about 1550 until 1786 when all that existed was a ruin, and Catholics had to worship in the open, exposed to the elements. From 1786 there has been a church here and in 1907 this was rebuilt and stands today as a most beautiful place of worship. There are 5 graveyards with the earliest known gravestone dating to 1758.This precinct is a must to visit for all visitors especially those wishing to trace their Roman Catholic ancestors from the city of Derry. 

Recently, a number of very enthusiastic parishioners removed the statues from the calvary shrine, just outside, and completely restored them to their former glory as in 1898 when they were first erected. Since St. Columa's day falls on June 9 in 2007, this scene is to be rededicated  by retired Bishop Edward Daly, a continuous visitor over many years to this celebration. It will take place at 5.30 p.m.