In the Performing Arts, Derry has more than two or three things to say. From dance to multimedia shows, the offering is diverse meeting the highest standards of world performance. Let's take a look.

With the pretty exciting name of The Nerve Centre, it is refererred as "'One of the most dynamic and innovative multi-media centres in the British Isles'. It is a huge film production and postroduction complex that houses a movie theatre and two auditoriums where trabelers can listen to the best Irish rock and pop groups. If you happen to be in November, don't miss the Foyle Film Festival. Or, just hang out in the bar or the cafe.

Located at 5-7 Artillery Street, The Playhouse is the local venue for national and international Theater and Dance. It houses several performing art groups such as Lilliput Theater Company and Echo Echo Dance/Theatre. This year season includes plays such as JP Conaghan and Peter McDonald's The Last Round, The Trials of Oscar Wilde performed by Orbit Theatre Company and Faustis staged by Bruiser Theatre Company.

On Newmarket Street, Millenniuim Forum offers the more varied repertoire from dance to kid's events. This year's calendar includes shows as diverse as the musical Legends of Nashville celebrating the most popular American country singers and musicians, to the kids' muiscal The Singing Kettle.