If you are a waterfall fan it's a good idea to visit Royal Deeside. The Linn of Dee is up there with the best. Drive to Braemar and then follow a B road for a few miles till you come to the bridge. Keep on driving up to a NTS car park (with toilets!) The first thing you notice when walking down to the gorge is the Scots Pine, then you hear the crashing of the water as the River Dee tries to thread through a metre wide needle. Magic! Not for the faint hearted as you have to tip toe to the edge of the gorge to get the full effect.

Cross over the road and see the Linn from the other side and also walk onto the bridge and take a look over the side. (note: there is no point doing a twig boat race from one side of the bridge to the other. None of these boats are making it. FACT)