By car:   Travelers who opt to get around the area by car are reminded that driving in the area is on the left side of the road which may differ from the standard driving conditions for some drivers.   The average speed limits in the area are thirty miles per hour in towns, sixty miles per hour outside of towns and seventy miles per hour on area highways.   The main highways which are used in the area are the A85 and A816 highways.   Travelers can obtain detailed maps of the area from the visitor’s center.   Alternatively, driving directions are available online through Google Maps ( ) and Mapquest ( ).  

By bus:  There are buses traveling all throughout the Argyll and Bute region which visitors can use to get between the various cities there.  These buses are operated by different companies, with a majority of them being operated by West Coast Motors.  Detailed information about the different routes which head to different parts of Argyll and Bute can be obtained online at

By boat:   The Argyll and Bute area includes numerous islands which are best reached by ferry.   There are several ferries which go to different parts of the region.   For more information about these different ferries, visit .