Being located on Scotland's west coast, Oban has the benefit of being near the Gulf Stream, a warm current of water that keeps its and other parts of the United Kingdom's weather relatively temperate in spite of their northerly location.  Being near the Gulf Stream also means that Oban gets a fair amount of rain, especially during the summers.  But the area's rainfall is also what creates its beautiful countryside.  Also because it is very far north, Oban gets a great deal of sunlight during the summer, averaging about 18 hours a day during June and early July.  Of course, this means that just the opposite is true in the winter, with the city getting only a few hours of sunlight per day. 

Visitors generally come to Oban during the summer to enjoy the area's golfing, boating, biking and other outdoor activities.  Visitors are urged to dress in layers and bring portable rain gear regardless of the time of year because of Oban's changeable weather.  For an up to date weather forecast of Oban, click here.