Thinking of visiting Kirkcudbright? This is a lovely place to have a relaxing stress free holiday.   It is a getting back to tradition and seeing what Scotland looked like many years ago.  Kirkcudbright has not changed in many, many years; the town looks very similar now as it did hundreds of years ago, with its broad streets built for carriages and cobbled passageways.  The houses are Georgian and pastel-coloured, giving a cheerful look to the town and the shops are independant and traditional.

In the heart of Kirkcudbright is the beautiful stone castle (MacLellan's) that has stood for many a year.  The harbour is located to the right of the castle next to a very pretty old stone Church. In the distance are the views of the woodland hills that stretch around the top of the whole town.  The beautiful marina, found at the end of the ancient Cardinal's Walk near Broughton House, the National Trust property at the northern end of the L -shaped High Street,  is home to bobbing boats and yachts. In the harbour, dredgers dock having landed the famous Kirkcudbright Scallops. This is also where many of the towns residents make their living either working in the fishing yards or out at sea catching a wide variety of fish which are sold around Britain. 

An amazing Parish church is located in the middle of the town and is where most of the couples who live in the town have got married, have their babies christened, and have said goodbye to family and close friends.  The church is surrounded by beautiful gardens that bloom every year. A great place to sit and relax and watch the world go by.

There are a number of  very good specialist shops in the town including dress shops, designer jewellers, and an excellent fish shop selling a very wide variety of fresh fish daily, as well as some excellent and reasonably priced restaurants.  Visitors will find a calm atmosphere, history, art and above all the beautiful people that live in this town, who offer a warm welcome and possess a happy attitude and positive outlook on life.  One thing about Kirkcudbright is that it was and still is a very safe place to grow up and live in, everyone in this town are neighbours in one way or another.

One of Kirkcudbrights greatest assets is it rich artistic history.  Many of Scotlands greatest artist have lived and worked in the town and some of their studios are open to the public. 

Kirkcudbright also has amazing festivals such as the Wickerer Man and Jazz festival which suit the musical taste of both  old and young.

Enjoy Kirkcudbright as much as many people past and present have.