Fort William is best known among tourists as an adventurer's destination with its challenging hiking trails ascending the area's mountain, Ben Nevis--very popular during the summer months, and for its winter skiing.  Visitors planning to partake in either of these activities are advised to check the weather reports for the area before leaving.  Weather on Ben Nevis and its surrounding area can be harsh and tends to change quickly, with little or no warning. 

The summer months in Fort William are generally cool and pleasant, in the low to mid 60's, while its winters tend to be long and cold.  The area also sees a great deal of rainfall all year long, being known as the second rainiest place in Scotland after Blaenau Ffestiniog.( Please note Blaenau Ffestiniog is not in Scotland.) Visitors come to the area at all times of year, however, to participate in different sports activities, Fort William being known as the "Outdoor Capital of the UK". 

For an up to date weather forecast of Fort William visit the BBC's Fort William Page.  To see the summit of Ben Nevis live, visit the Ben Nevis Webcam.